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With decades of high-level Australian real estate experience,  we have partnered early and at every stage of growth with leading Australian developers, with billions of dollars in turnover and assets.

Development Opportunity Investment: Australian  Commercial


I founded Aurient Investment Partners (HK) a private equity investment company located in Hong Kong, with the aim of co-investing along with my clients in small to mid-size strategic commercial property opportunities in Australia. 

In association with established Australian property developers with strong credentials and track records, Aurient co-invests in these projects from the initial stage together with selected private investors.


This exciting opportunity to make equity investment in early stage development projects and share in the potential upside and generate above average returns with strong risk mitigation is available to selected investors. 


This FAQ was prepared for the exclusive use of Aurient Investment Partners Limited, to determine the viability and structure of investing in the South Melbourne Commercial building through developers Perri Projects.

Please contact me, Michael Bentley on 9736 2218 to discuss further. 


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