About Us

With decades of high-level Australian real estate experience,  we have partnered early and at every stage of growth with leading Australian developers with strong track records and with billions of dollars in turnover and assets.
Opportunities exists to co-invest in selected Joint -Venture opportunities, and sharing in potential development  upside.

The Team


To deliver the best possible results for investors and clients, Aurient Investment and its partners are supported by a national network of top-quality developers, agents, valuers,financiers, legal advisers, property consultants and construction companies.

Strong national connections with leading private property developers and builders, property managers and vendors open doors to off-market as well as on-market opportunities and are a source of invaluable intelligence.

These relationships are critical to continuously acquire, develop, value-add and re-position carefully selected properties, implementing leading-edge strategies and delivering risk-mitigated returns.

Our partners ecosystem of professionals in all disciplines relating to property enables us to undertake extensive, detailed due diligence in the property acquisition or planning process. Our partners are experts in all stages of property development and investment, from planning to finance to construction to leasing and asset management.

Each property goes through a detailed and extensive research program. 

Aurient Investment Partners invests it's own capital in each project it is involved in.

Michael Bentley


Australian born Aurient founder and Managing Director Michael Bentley was raised and educated in Hong Kong at Peak School and King George Vth (KG5) and has over 3 decades of high level experience connecting Asian based investors with Australian real estate opportunities.

Michael is an Award Winning International Estate agent, is a regular seminar presenter, has been featured in many Australian and Asian newspapers, magazines, radio and TV programmes, provides advisory services to Australian property developers, and has helped overseas investors to buy, sell and manage over AUD 1 billion in Australian residential properties, and has written 3 top selling investment books.

His strong relationships with developers, builders, agents and property fund managers in Australia ensure he has a detailed market perspective on the full breadth of property opportunities available across Australia.

Michael resides in Hong Kong and enjoys playing and watching sports, and is a member of the Hong Kong Football Club, the FCC, the Ladies Recreation Club, the Beas River Country Club as well the Tanglin and Cricket Clubs (Singapore) and the Royal Kings Park Tennis Club (Perth, WA).


 Aurient Investment Partners is a private real estate investment group based in Hong Kong. 

Building on 35 years of advisory and investment in real estate across the Asia Pacific, the firm specialises in joint venture investments with leading private Australian property developers.

Services & Expertise

 On behalf of our investors and clients we source, manage and invest in opportunities in Australian real estate, without having to deal with the red tape, fees, taxes, stamp duties and foreign investment regulations prevalent to the direct residential markets in Australia.

Property development comes down to three core areas:  Land, Finance and Skills

Aurient will identify a development opportunity with strong upside potential, and partner with a established developer to purchase the land and obtain all relevant approvals. Aurient will make a financial investment in the project and invite other private investors to become involved.

Our investors

  Clients include high net worth private individuals and family offices across Asia Pacific wanting both direct and indirect investments in Australia, both as a currency hedge, and for risk mitigation purposes. 

Aurient also invests in each opportunity it offers to private investors, unless disclosed otherwise. 

Our Focus

 The firm currently is focusing on the growing Australian Build to Rent market in principal partnerships with private Australian developer’s to co-invest with them in   development projects at an early stage with Joint Venture Equity investment. 

The three areas mentioned above of Land, Finance and Skills are the driving force for investors in either seeking a joint venture partner or requiring to enter into a joint venture.

Investment opportunities range from one major investor to several investors. Minimum investment required is usually Aud$,1000,000 focusing on shorter investment time frames of around two to four years with a targeted return of 15% IRR (annualised rate of return).

 Joint Venture Opportunities

A obvious reason for entering into a joint venture in property development for a developer is to secure funding.

Property development is a very cash hungry industry and requires most funding to be provided up-front before any revenue can be generated. Even small development sites need hundreds of thousands of dollars invested, so it is natural to seek solid sources of finance by bringing in other parties with money.

Entering into a JV to secure finance is a great strategy for completing property developments.

Working with developers who have strong track records also allow the JV to raise development finance from top tier banks.

The balance can be raised from private investors, and that is where Aurient steps in, making an investment itself and then offering opportunities to other private investors.

Many private investors  have money but want to remain silent or passive in a project. The investor, in this case, would rather take a share of the profits than receiving interest on the money invested, and it provides a great resource for developers to explore as funding options for sites.

Many projects have had great success doing this.

See our current opportunities here... 

Benefits to Investors

 -Regular and priority access to exceptional deals.

-Ability to diversify their property portfolio.

-Able to take advantage of the favourable Aussie dollar.

-Minimal red tape, entry costs, fees, taxes and charges (esp. compared to direct residential investment).

-Potentially higher than average returns, being in on the ground floor of a development opportunity.

-Able to benefit from the growing Australian Build to Rent  market.

-Relatively short term "hands-off" investment.