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AIP:  We (AIP) and Associated companies do not act as a Hong Kong real estate agent or sell Hong Kong properties, we do not provide financial advice, or manage or operate any property fund. We buy, develop, and invest in Australian properties and may offer shares in these properties to qualified investors.

 We  and Associated companies do not act as a real estate agent or sell Hong Kong properties, we do not provide financial advice, or manage or operate any property fund.  AIP Limited deals exclusively in relation to properties outside Hong Kong.  The Company is therefore not required to be licensed under the Estate Agents Ordinance and does not deal with any property situated in Hong Kong.  

AIP Limited does not BUY, OFFER, MARKET OR INVEST IN any projects involving interests in hotel/holiday resorts, serviced apartments, student accommodation, shopping malls, "buy-to-let" or "buy and leaseback" properties.