Aurient Investment Partners is a private investment real estate group based in Hong Kong.
With decades of high-level Australian real estate experience,  we have partnered early and at every stage of growth with leading Australian developers with strong track records and with billions of dollars in turnover and assets.
Opportunities exists to co-invest in selected Joint -Venture opportunities, and sharing in potential development  upside.

Experience, Trust and Service 

Aurient Investment Partners ("AIP") is a private investment real estate group based in Hong Kong.

Building on 35 years of advisory and investment in real estate across Asia Pacific, the firm specialises in Australian joint venture equity investment and selected private developer opportunities.

The principles of AIP have decades of experience investing in Australian real estate assets and we offer our clients differentiated opportunities across private equity, real assets, asset-based investments and the key sectors of real estate:

  • Real Property Assets/Equity investment /Indirect Investment

  • Developer Joint -Venture and Co-Investing opportunities for private clients

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Build to Rent
Services & Expertise

On behalf of our investors and clients we source opportunities for those wanting to  invest in Australian commercial real estate joint-ventures, syndications and development projects.

Clients include high net worth private individuals and family offices across Asia Pacific wanting both direct and indirect investments. 


  • Research driven

  • Investing combined with established local experts and execution

  • Specialists in sourcing, valuing and managing real assets

  • Focused on value creation with downside protection and risk mitigation

Aurient Investment Partners leverages its credibility, experience, knowledge, reputation and strong contacts to present Joint Venture, private capital real estate opportunities into smaller Australian commercial and other tactical real estate opportunities, across asset classes and geographies.

What Are Development Opportunities?

Be early. Be insightful. Drive to consensus.

Australian property developers often seek funding from superannuation funds, investment companies, trusts funds and other groups, often sourced in Asia.

Aurient Investment Partners offer wealthy private investors the opportunity to take part in these developments, which previously have been out of the reach of smaller players.

Outstanding Returns

Investors flock to Build to Rent projects

With interest rates at record lows, and commercial and retail assets  suffering through Civid-19 and unlikely to improve anytime soon, yield hungry investors are finding safety in the growing global real estate    phenomenon of Build To Rent.

At $3.1 trillion in assets under management (AUM), real estate is one of the largest alternative asset classes. Sustained, high single-digit growth in AUM has been driven as much by investor appetite as by strong asset-class performance.  Investors have flocked to the asset class because of the perception of equity-like returns, relatively high cash yields, and lower correlation with broader capital markets.

Real estate is in a period of substantial disruption and growth that has already created big winners and stands to create more. To break out from the pack, IMs should lean into the disruption, embracing new asset types, food groups, vehicles, and partners. Those that do are set to deliver differentiated performance and build scaled, sustainable businesses.

Political and economic uncertainty clouds the outlook in 2020, and yet investors remain drawn to the income-generating attributes of real estate. For many of real estate leaders, the sector’s continuing attraction over other investment asset classes is the determining force for good.

Central banks have responded by reversing the rising interest rate policy of a year ago. This lower-for-even-longer monetary phase has been a shot in the arm  for real estate capital markets, with the notable exception of retail.

Build-to-Rent,  as an asset class, has proven out the concept and the  the potential for desirable renter segments–dual-income rental households and other high-wage earning households–to embrace this asset class is there, thanks in large part to the BTR amenities designed to cater to this demographic. 

Overall, the timing, proof of concept, and market tailwinds make the Build-to-Rent asset class a very interesting opportunity for investors to review and consider. 

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Oxford has unveiled design details for a 39-storey build-to-rent project at a Pitt Street metro station entrance, at the south east corner of Bathurst Street.

Towards Exceptional Results

Australia has vast realwealth, rapid population growth, high living standards, the rule of law, a AAA credit rating, 25 years of economic growth and is one of the pre-eminent investment destinations likely to benefit after Covid-19.

 An Australian  property allocation can offer…
• An expanded investment horizon
• Enhance risk adjusted returns with more predictable returns
• Genuine long-term diversification benefits

Australia  is especially attractive to global capital:
• Strong long term economic growth
• Lowest interest rates since the 1960's.
• Relative high transparency/economic stability
• Low Aussie dollar
• Offers suitably scaled assets

 Strong case to add Australian property to an multi-asset portfolio

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Total Australian CBD purchases by Country:



From Hong Kong


From Singapore


From the USA


From China 

"Foreign economies had a total of AU$3.8 trillion invested in Australia at the end of 2019, up from $2.3 in 2017"

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Partner with Us

We invite qualified investors to enquire about current and forthcoming development and joint venture projects.

"The build-to-rent sector is on the cusp of exponential growth, with investors favouring assets delivering reliable income streams amid the coronavirus pandemic, a CBRE report says."

  • Offshore institutional funding accounts for over 50 per cent of the total pipeline, signalling the global attraction of the stable cash flow from BTR in a low-yield environment
  • The sector is bound to experience some significant growth in the coming years, although we're starting from a very low base
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Australia invests trillions of dollars in overseas businesses, and other economies invest trillions in Australia. Australia has the 14th highest amount of direct foreign investment in the world.

Chart as at July 2020

"I find your knowledge of the property scene and the first hand information you give, very very useful" 

PKS, Hong Kong

"Your personal knowledge of the Australian city property markets has helped greatly in us deciding on where to buy"

Margaret and Peter, London

"As a corporate banker in Asia I have been pleased with the performance both in terms of cash flow and asset value which have satisfied and exceeded initial expectations"

Graham Grover, Tokyo

"The properties are well researched and in fact I always ask that I be first on developments that pass their due diligence"

Doug Roos, South Africa

We provide research, information, advice, marketing and consultancy and other services to property developers.



The properties may be existing, regenerated or newly constructed, providing our investors with stable, long-term income. Our expertise covers existing, new constructions, refurbishment, fit-outs, asset management, environmental upgrades and lease negotiations.



Why invest in Australia

Australia has vast mineral wealth, high living standards, rapid population growth, a stable Western democracy, the rule of law, a AAA credit rating, and is one of the world’s pre-eminent investment destinations.

 Australia is-

-the world’s 14th largest economy one of the world’s largest stock markets, with the sixth largest pool of funds under management in the world.

-rated AAA with a stable outlook by all three global rating agencies, characterised by a government budget surplus and low debt forecast to realise average annual real GDP growth of 2.7% over the next five years – the highest among major advanced economies.

-the world’s largest producer of iron ore, gold, and uranium.

- a highly skilled nation where over 40% of the workforce has a tertiary qualification.

-culturally diverse and multilingual, where 28% of the population was born overseas and 3.2 million Australians speak an Asian language and 1.4 million speak a European language.

-a welcoming place to live and work, with six Australian cities ranked in the global top 40 for their quality of living.

-the world’s third most popular destination for students.

-the seventh largest international tourism market.

-an environment that is ranked in the top 20 out of 190 economies for ease of doing business

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