Aurient Investment Partners ("AIP") is an independent property investment management company based in Hong Kong.
With decades of high-level Australian real estate experience,  we have partnered early and at every stage of growth with leading Australian developers with strong track records and with billions of dollars in turnover and assets.

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(See definition below)


(See definition below)

*Guidelines As To What Is An "Accredited Investor"?

Investors placing AU$500,000 or more in a single investment usually automatically qualify as an accredited investor and no further requirements need be met.

For investors placing lesser amounts in Australia, they need to qualify as follows:

Income last two years of AU$250K for each year


Net assets of AU$2.5M


Gross assets of AU$10M (Have or control)


Assessed by a licensee as having previous experience in using financial services and investing in financial products.




We, Aurient International Realty (HK) Limited (AIP) and asociated companies, do not act as a Hong Kong real estate agent or sell Hong Kong properties, we do not provide financial advice, or manage or operate any property fund in any jurisdiction.

We advise on, buy, develop, and invest only in Australian properties. We and Associated companies do not act as a real estate agent or sell Hong Kong properties, we do not provide financial advice, or manage or operate any property fund or collective investment scheme.

AIP Limited deals exclusively in relation to properties outside Hong Kong. The Company is therefore not required to be licensed under the Estate Agents Ordinance and does not deal with any property situated in Hong Kong.

AIP Limited does not buy, invest in, offer for sale, or consult on any projects involving interests in hotel/holiday resorts, serviced apartments, student accommodation, shopping malls, "buy-to-let" or "buy and leaseback" properties